Getting Closer

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Just the beginning!

We’re a bit more than two weeks away from “D-Day”, the day the moving van will arrive and Florida will be in our past.

It’s been an interesting four years. So many people of our age have, for quite some time, been settled in the place and circumstances they are. Not us. Perhaps, that is the consequence of a fledgling being thrown from the nest. Or, perhaps, my mother was right – there is a bit of the Tinker in me. And, everyone knows about Redheads! In any case, off we’ll go. Taking those things which we can’t part with. Books, furniture and art we found together, photos. And memories, mostly pre-Florida. And one another.

Moving is like a kaleidoscope – look at it one way it appears as such. A little twist and it looks much different. An opportunity? A loss? A mistake? That it’s part of a Plan is all we’re certain of. If it were just up to me I’d certainly screw it up. So we’ll follow our hearts and listen. And see.

In the meantime, we pack. And pack some more. And give or throw away. It’s amazing that after three tag sales we still have some things we’re deciding not to take. The plan is for us to unpack only what is essential for our temporary home – the apartment in Waynesboro – and keep everything else in a spare bedroom: patio furniture, cartons of books, pictures, tools and some more. This way, we’ll have much less to repack when we find our new home – or it finds us.

We have become somewhat expert in packing. Heavy brown craft paper, used by contractors to protect new floors, makes excellent carton cushioning and protective wrap for china. Bubble wrap is less expensive on the internet. Home Depot has sturdier boxes than Lowe’s. Bending over boxes can give you a crook in the neck – set up a work station on the kitchen table. Columbus had an easier time finding the New World than you’ll have finding someone to help you pack. Nobody likes it. No Body!

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2 thoughts on “Getting Closer

  1. Anonymous November 4, 2018 / 6:02 pm

    Good luck in Staunton.
    I really found it a great place, the few times I visited.
    We had a couple great meals at the restaurant by the park. Can’t recall the name. Safe travels!


  2. Cathy Christeas/Dooley October 22, 2018 / 10:48 am

    Florida was not a mistake it was just a temporary stop over. It was meant to be so we could meet you guys . Pat and I would have been helping you pack if we had not been packing ourselves. I am really looking forward to our next chapter. It still hasn’t hit me yet that I will be leaving the area that has been my only home for at least three forths of my life. I have a lot to learn and a lot to experience. Although it didn’t turn out that we would be right next-door to each other we will still be within a few hours and that in itself is comforting. I am very happy for you because it will open up the opportunities for you to take up the things that you enjoy doing. We love you guys! And we look forward to sharing our lives with you in the future

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