Redeux redone

At times there are thoughts and feelings meant to be kept quietly inside. Just to sort them out, let them percolate and sometimes to let things go. It has been so with me for these past three months.

The previous blogs are done – for various reasons. But, glancing at this blog’s title you will see a similarity and a change.

Southern is what we have chosen to be. Perhaps we have been Southern all along, but misplaced. Our temperament and outlook seem to have much in common with those born here. It has taken these past nine months for our rebirth – for us to know and feel that this is where we belong. We are home.

Followers of my previous blog will be notified of this new site. Perhaps others will find it, too. In any case, a new chapter in what continues to be a “Redeux Life” begins. I hope you all come along.

2 thoughts on “Redeux redone

  1. Texans Jack & Dodie June 12, 2022 / 3:21 pm

    There always seems to be a wise and quiet peace in your writing…it calms me down enough to reflect on things that warm my heart. Thank you.


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